The Benefits of Self-Defense & Street Combatives Training

  • Learn a New Skill
  • Join a Winning Team!
  • Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones
  • Lose Weight – (BURN FAT & BUILD MUSCLE)
  • Minnesota’s TOP Expert on Military Combatives
  • Head Coach to the Army & National Guard MN State Combatives Competition Team
  • Experience Training All levels of Law Enforcement (Local, State, & Federal)
  • Traditional Techniques Taught in a Modern Environment
  • Real World Strategies for Dealing with Confrontations
Students learn stance, footwork, striking techniques, defense, grappling, counter grappling techniques, and a variety of other training methods designed to enhance speed, power, timing, flexibility, coordination, strength, etc. In addition, our program stresses weaponry and empty-hand techniques taken from Filipino Kali (Double Stick, Single Stick, Knife, Stick and Knife), creating a program geared towards maximum self-defense and fitness. Master Teacher Ajarn Greg Nelson has an extensive background in tactical training (hand-to-hand combat), and has real world experience in defensive tactics and arrest methods. If you live in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area and are interested in self-defense, police and military tactical training, or just want to get in shape, give us a call and set up a FREE intro class followed by a FREE 30 days – (763)560-5696 – CALL NOW!

This program is geared toward street-oriented self-defense. Rooted in Jeet Kune Do (JKD) concepts developed by the late Sifu Bruce Lee, and passed on by Guro Dan Inosanto, you will learn techniques and training methods that are 1000’s of years old, implemented in a modern, SAFE training system. Our program stresses no-nonsense self-defense training that is applicable to people of all backgrounds. Men and women from around the Minneapolis – St Paul area love our classes, and you will too!

Looking to get ready for military training? OR do you want to enhance your existing military training?

We understand the difference between defensive tactics for law enforcement, military combatives, and civilian self-defense – this is the most distinguishing aspect of our program. If YOU are even a little bit curious about self-defense classes in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, then you owe it to YOURSELF to try us out. Our offer is risk-free and we guarantee results!

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Need to protect yourself and your loved ones?

“Crawl Before you Walk, Walk Before you Run” – Students are taught the basics before moving to advanced techniques. Our approach for Army Combatives & Self-Defense is based on a scientifically proven methodology for winning fights. Students who want to learn self-defense and combatives are taught foundations skills before moving on to advanced level drilling. Most urban combat happens in an unpredictable manner, and our tactical training methods will help give you the confidence needed to be ready should any such situation arise. When it comes to learning real world combatives – WHY WOULD YOU TRAIN ANYWHERE ELSE? Get started ASAP on your road to personal protection and empowerment.

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