Coach John Arends

  • Muay Thai Black Belt [Kru]
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt
  • Thailand Trained & Certified

Coach John began his martial arts journey in 2003, taking his training as far as Bangkok, Thailand and competing in both Muay Thai and MMA at the amateur level. Dedicated to showing and passing on his passion for Muay Thai and fitness to each one of his students, Coach John is also one of the main pad trainers for many of the Academy’s pro Muay Thai and MMA fighters. He was also the Head Striking Coach to Ultimate Fighter 18 Contestant & UFC fighter Shayana “Queen of Spades” Bazler. Coach John is available for private lessons, seminars, and workshops. Please contact or call (763) 560-5696 for more information.

Coach John – MMA Submission Victory