Coach Theo Wender

  • Muay Thai Black Belt (Kru)

I started my martial arts journey a little later in life, but I began with golden gloves boxing when I was 18 years old. I spent the next 10 years learning and fighting and trying to become a better boxer. I first set foot in the Academy in 1997 to try my hand at Muay Thai. I spent a year training at the old Academy, before life took me in a different direction. I made my way back to the Academy in 2007 to continue what I started. I practiced hard and earned my Kru/black belt rank in 2015 under Ajarn Nelson and the team of coaches the Academy. I have also started a new journey in jiu jitsu. Although I am at the earliest stages as a three stripe white belt. I am enjoying this new challenge and look forward to continuing to work hard. I will learn much more as I strive to achieve another black belt in my martial arts career.