Military Combatives & Law Enforcement Tactics

Modern Army Combatives – Since the early 1990’s, The Academy MN has provided combatives and tactical training to a variety of military, federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations. Our proven past performance and in depth understanding of combatives allow us to incorporate these specialized skills into a variety of current, real world operations. We offer tactical arrest & control training workshops and seminars for military and law enforcement personal onsite or at The Academy.

The Academy has been instrumental in the development of the Modern Army Combatives Program – many of our program techniques, tactics and training methods are currently used in the program and are also documented in the Modern Army Combatives field manual (FM 3.25.150). Academy founder, Greg Nelson, has participated as a member on the 3rd Infantry Division’s Modern Army Combatives Civilian Oversight Committee, a panel geared toward continual combatives research and development. Currently, The Academy combatives instructors work closely with the region’s Modern Army Combatives personnel, providing training, and regularly testing Level I graduates.

The Academy also provides specialized training for federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel. Greg Nelson has worked with the FBI, FBI SWAT, Federal Air Marshals, Hennepin County Sheriff Department, Minneapolis ERU (Emergency Response Unit), St. Paul SRT, and many local law enforcement agencies.

Whether it’s a requirement for one-time specialized training, long term instructor support, or comprehensive program development, please contact The Academy at (763) 560-5696 or email Greg Nelson at for further details.

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