Coach Lance King

  • Muay Thai Black Belt
Lance King, a professional singer in the genre of hard rock/metal, began training at The Minnesota Martial Arts Academy late in 1994, taking a mix of JKD, Kali, Submission Wrestling, and Muay Thai classes. After a year of training, his first child was born, prompting Lance to take some time away from his martial arts training. He found his way back to The Academy almost 5 years later resumed his Muay Thai training, this time with his son, Tomy, at his side – taking classes in The Academy’s kids program. Falling in love with the style, Lance continued to train hard in Muay Thai, earning his Black rank in 2005 under head Academy instructor Greg Nelson. Coach Lance is now an instructor at The Academy, but continues his own martial arts journey as well. A recording artist with several albums released worldwide featuring his vocal talents with various bands and record companies, Lance is also the CEO of a well respected, Twin Cities-based recording company focusing on progressive and power metal.