Coach Kory Holm

    • 2nd Degree Muay Thai Black Belt [Kru]

Kory began training at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy in 1999. He was previously introduced to martial arts through “Jacket Wrestling”(Judo) at the U of M and had trained for a short while in Jiu Jitsu elsewhere.

Kory focused on Jiu Jitsu through his first couple of years and at coach Greg Nelson’s suggestion started also training in Thai Boxing. It wasn’t long before Thai Boxing had become the focus of his training. He stuck with it earning instructorship under both Ajarn Chai Sirisute and Head Coach Greg Nelson. Having become a father in 2006 Kory stepped away from “the Academy” for a short while. By the time his daughter turned 4 years old Kory had returned to “the Academy” and started instructing the Tiny Ninja and Little Dragon programs of which his daughter Greta had become a member.

In his professional life, Kory has earned a BA in both Art and Communications form the U of M. He is currently employed by Roberts’ Residential Remodeling where he has been employed for the last 20 years doing Sales and Design in residential remodeling.