Coach James Cook

  • 4th Degree Muay Thai Black Belt [Kru]
  • Thailand Trained – TBA Certified
  • Lumpinee Stadium Veteran
  • BJJ Blue Belt
Coach James Cook is one of America’s most decorated Muay Thai fighters, having competed all over the world in countries like Thailand, China, Japan, France, Turkey, Russia, and Ireland. Hailing from Minnesota and trained under Kru Andy Grahn, Ajarn Greg Nelson, and Jongsanan “The Woodenman” Fairtex, James is a true Muay Thai Champion. He has trained elite special forces soldiers, worked with many champion MMA fighters, and also regularly teaches the Bootcamp program he operates, O2 Athletics in San Francisco, CA. Outside of his martial arts career, he holds 2 Master’s degrees, in journalism and English literature, as well as a J.D. from Golden Gate University. The father of 2 daughters, he knows the value and importance of the self-defense, self-discipline, and honor that martial arts provides. If you are interested in a top notch Muay Thai seminar or workshop at your facility, please contact for more information.
Notable Championships

  • 2x ISKA Intercontinental Welterweight Muay Thai Professional Champion
  • 2x IKF US Muay Thai Professional Champion
  • Thailand Amateur World Championships Princess Cup 1996 -Bronze Medalist
  • ISKA Junior Welterweight Intercontinental Muay Thai Champion
  • USMTA Champion
  • 2x Golden Gloves State Champion (Minnesota, Colorado)
  • Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter
  • 2015 IBJJF SF Open Champion – Blue Belt

Coach James ESPN 2 Muay Thai Fight

Coach James Training UFC Champion Sean Sherk